Treatment for Women


Starting Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

During the initial visit we will draw blood to run a complete hormone panel and perform an EKG. Next, you will be asked to fill out a brief medical history and symptoms questionnaire. Then you will meet with our physician to discuss your symptoms, history, lifestyle, and treatment goals.

After your lab work has resulted, you will follow-up with our physician to review the blood work. From this, our expert staff will develop a customized approach to optimize your hormones. 

Follow Up Appointments

We offer a follow up appointment with our physician every 3 months during the first year of treatment. This is to ensure that your hormones are at optimal levels. Prior to each follow up appointment, you will be required to have your labs completed. This can be done in our office or at LabCorp. After one year of treatment, your follow up appointments will be every 6 months. Patients experiencing any discomfort or problems are strongly encouraged to contact us immediately. All of our patients are welcome to call our office at any time with questions or concerns.


We have undergone a rigorous selection process for the compounding pharmacy that we utilize. The pharmacy is licensed to dispense to patients across all 50 states, upholds the most strict of all state regulations, and maintains rigorous internal quality control systems. They source active pharmaceutical ingredients from FDA registered manufacturers to create quality customized medications to meet the needs of every individual patient. All orders are shipped discretely directly to your home. Typically your order will ship out the day after you place your order. All orders are shipped via FedEx.