BioIdentical Hormones vs Synthetic Hormones

Natural, biologically identical hormones are derived from plants, such as the wild yam or soybean plant, and are chemically and functionally identical to human hormones. Because of this, they produce the same physiologic responses and are processed by the body in the same way as endogenous hormones (those made by the body).

Synthetic, or non-bioidentical hormones are those that are manufactured with a different chemical structure to those normally produced in the human body. As the body works to metabolize these foreign substances it can produce toxic by-products, which cause a wide array of side effects like bloating, mood swings, water retention, and more serious problems such as cancer and heart disease. Synthetic hormones have been shown to produce harm and side effects that are not seen with bioidentical hormones.

At MedLuxe Wellness, we use an individualized approach to hormone replacement therapy. We assess each patient’s hormonal status using their medical history, symptoms, and lab work. We then implement a protocol specifically tailored for that particular person. Therapy is then carefully monitored, and if necessary, modified or titrated in accordance with clinical and laboratory results.